Available from are the Heavy duty /Standard Rapid deployment Transporter together with the Heavy Duty Four wheel dolly.And also available the advanced add on trailer.

Back in 2001 the RAC scored an industry first by developing the Rapid Deployment Trailer, or ‘RDT’.

This purpose-built kit extends out of the rear of the patrol van to securely lift two wheels of the broken-down vehicle off the ground. So when a member’s vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside their patrols use the RDT to tow them to a place of repair or to their chosen destination.Now all of their 1,600 patrol vans ared fitted with an RDT

Used in conjunction with the four wheel dolly you can now recover automatics, SUVs, 4x4s, pick-ups, vans, hybrids and even electric vehicles with a standard van. You can also recover vehicles with faults that make towing impossible, like multiple punctured tyres, handbrake or transmission failures and many breakdowns

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