To supply one DAF FA LF – 210, 4×2 haulage chassis cab, 5.0m wheelbase plated at 12 tonnes GVW. All to the manufacturer’s standard specification and generally in accordance with the enclosed specification sheet.

H3279 Brilliant White                                                            Day cab
Cab suspension rubber & mechanical                                 Adaptive Cruise Control with FCW & AEBS-3
Lane Departure Warning System                                         Front: 4.50t, parabolic, F48
Goodyear                                                                               F1,245/70R17.5GO KMAXS
R1,245/70R17.5GO KMAXD                                                 Exhaust emission Euro 6
OBD, Euro VI Step E                                                             Standard component location
EAS unit right, discharge right rearward                             Plastic fuel tank 110l
Fuel tank left                                                                          Tank for AdBlue 30l, right hand side chassis
Battery box left, no spare wheel carrier                               DAF Connect
Standard Warranty – 1yr Full – 2nd yr DL – 1yr BD             Warranty Plus – 1yr Vehicle 3yr Driveline
External sun visor green translucent                                   Halogen head lights
Fog lights                                                                               Kerb view window co driver door
Side no glass/rear single glass                                            6 mirrors
Roof air deflector prepared                                                  Driver seat: luxury air suspended
Arm rest driver seat                                                               Dual mate seat, velour
No storage engine tunnel                                                     Air conditioning
Tachograph digital, VDO 1C version 1                                Speed limiter setting 85km/h nominal
FM/AM/DAB/DAB+ radio/CD player, 2 speakers                Air bag (driver) & 2 seat belt tensioners            
Reverse warning                                                                   Manual main switch                                              
Rear: 8.50t, air suspension, SR8.22                                    Engine PX-5, 153 kW/208 hp. Cab badge: 210 
Automatic gearbox Powerline, 8 speed                               8-speed Powerline 8AP800 overdrive, 4.89-0.64               
Rear axle ratio 3.73                                                               Mechanical differential lock                                 
Wheelbase 5.00m/rear overhang 2.46m                             Type plate related solo appl., trailer max 3500kg
Electric trailer connection 24V/2×7 pins                              Analogue body signals & warnings                    
Analogue engine speed control connector chassis           Body attachment BAM 1, loose consoles supply
Analogue gearbox PTO control, no first gearbox PTO       Alternator 100 A, batteries 2x 125 Ah                 
Driveline related technical GCM = GVM+3500kg                Standard fuel quantity +30 litres To include: factory delivery charges, PDI, number plates, calibrate & seal tacho, valet & final delivery 



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