Road chiefs reject red lights for motorway rescue vehicles

Roadside recovery staff hopes of having red lights on vans to warn motorists of danger have been opposed by Highways EnglandByChristopher Hope, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT andSteve Bird13 March 2021 • 4:09pm The Government company behind smart motorways has objected to attempts by Grant Shapps to allow roadside recovery vehicles to use red flashing lights on their vehicles. … Read more


Up to Dh3,000 fine for using regular recovery vehicles to transport heavy equipment in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Police seek adherence to heavy equipment transport regulations Published:  February 18, 2021 16:43Samihah Zaman, Senior Reporter GULF NEWS Abu Dhabi: Motorists have been warned against using regular recovery vehicles to transport heavy equipment and vehicles in Abu Dhabi. … Read more


Calls for urgent review of smart motorways as coroner rules they present ‘risk of future deaths’ It was found that the lack of hard shoulder on M1 contributed to ‘unlawful killings’ of Jason Mercer and Alexandru Murgeanu By Steve Bird18 January 2021 • 6:23pm A coroner has called for an urgent review into the safety … Read more

Farm inventions in focus: Andrew Burt’s winching and towing kit

© Andrew Burt Farmers Weekly’s annual Farm Inventions Competition has unearthed all manner of innovative and resourceful machines built in workshops the length and breadth of the country. These range from cheap-and-cheerful tools that will do a job, to high-spec, quality equipment that wouldn’t look out of place in a dealer’s forecourt. Andrew Burt of … Read more

Roadside recovery vehicles to use red-warning lights

Roadside recovery vehicles to use red-warning lights in boost for smart motorway safety campaigners The ‘simple’ law change for roadside recovery vehicles will ‘save lives’, say supporters By Christopher Hope, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT13 December 2020 • 6:00am Breakdown vehicles will be allowed to display red flashing lights for the first time after police said they would not … Read more

PROLUX Strong Partnership with Recovery

Strong Partnership with Recovery Body builders need perfectly tailored solutions – ProLux as partner and EOM offers exclusive solutions and guarantee high quality, innovation, long-term experience in suoolying Recovery Equipment and adherence to delivery dates. In doing so they concentrate on there core competences and use strong partnerships in over 30 countries worldwide. On … Read more

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