Connix Lighting Set – Wireless, Magnetic Fitting
What makes Connix different? No more dangling cables. It’s wireless, no need to plug in. It connects to the driver controls without those annoying wires that are always in the way.

Rechargeable charged for 4 hours for 10 hours of bright light. Being magnetic, they can be swapped between vehicles and machinery in a matter of seconds. The best bit is that you don’t need any tools to attach it. It’s multi-functional. You can use Connix as rear lighting, indicators, brake lights or to illuminate your number plate.
It’s made for farm use – Long lasting and extremely durable. It was created by Connix with farmers in mind.

4 Function: Brake / Tail / Indicator / Number Plate

Volts: 12V

Set Contains: 1 x S.143235 x 1 LH Rear Light, 1 x S.143236 RH Rear Light & 1 x S.143237 Transmitter
Recommended for agricultural equipment using EU plug wiring configurations.

A 12/24 adaptor could be used to use them on different vehicles.

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